’56 Nose Fitted

I don’t like the ’55 nose as much as the ’56 nose, and as I had both I decided on the ’56. The mounting tabs are in different positions to the ’55 and half the mounts would be in the intercoolers with my new setups. I’d cut them off and moved them previously so now needed to get it mocked up and drill new holes in what was left of the wind deflector panels. I had a massive clear up in the garage, and slid the truck over sideways on the dollies so that I could get to both sides (and my workbench finally!) and set about putting the front on again. I’d re-made the core support since I last had it all together, so was expecting to have to tweak it all to fit again. It was pretty close, but just needed a tiny tweak on the one side to get it all lined up. With the wings hung, and the core support cover in place it was slightly further out than I thought, so I bolted the gravel pan in too and tightened it all up before cutting trough a few tacks and moving the support on the passenger side. With that all done, I bolted in the side lights and clamped the nose in place before measuring all the gaps. With a bit more moving around, I was happy with the position of it all so broke out the drill.

It took a fair bit of measuring and moving to get it all lined up and back together, which was a pain in the ass as it’s only a foot or so from the garage door which has a C10 stopping it from opening….. I gave up in the end and dragged it diagonally in front of the other door and got the last few bolts drilled and fitted. Really happy with how it all looks, can’t wait to put it all together properly.

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