Hood Sliders Made

With the hood hung back on, it was time to make the guides to save the wings taking a beating as you closed the hood and hold the back of it down when you’re driving!. I bought a set of guides and wheels from a BMW and set about getting them roughly where I thought it should sit. The wheel part was relatively easy, as I just notched the crossmember where the hinges mounted and tacked a piece of flat bar into place. The guides themselves turned out to be a lot tougher. The length of the arms that I made were obviously completely different to the BMW ones, and this left me with too much movement from front to back for the short guides. I tacked on some flat bar at the front to make up for this, and then set about trying to get the angle and alignment right.

After crushing my fingers a million times, and it popping the clamps off as it slid, I bit the bullet and tacked it together temporarily. It sorta worked, but just wasn’t right. At this point I gave up for the evening to have a think about it all. After thinking about it all week, I decided the best option was to make it all as adjustable as I could. I cut it all off and made some brackets that mounted on existing holes in the wings, and slotted the holes so I could move it all about. Happy that it would hopefully work, I made another set for the other side and bolted it all together before climbing inside and adjusting it all to line up as I watched it. After a couple more tweaks to the brackets, it all works pretty much as it should. The sliders are seriously ugly tho, so I’ll draw them out and get a couple of pairs lasered (I’ll do the same to the C10 when and if I ever get on to it!).

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