Hood back on and Adjusted

I had spent ages making a reverse tilt hood mechanism as I didn’t have the original hinges, and thought it would be a good idea. Happy with it all I’d taken it back off and stuck the hood in the shed ready for the day when I’d be working on it. In the meantime I re-made the core support it all sat on so I thought I’d better re-fit it and check it still worked, and add some rollers and guides for the firewall edge of it. I got all the brackets back on, dropped the hood on, and climbed under the wheel arch and over the frame to get inside and bolt it all up. It was out by a mile. I spent the next few hours adjusting the arm lengths (it’s all rose jointed) and checking it all before I decided that it was never going to fit. I had to cut some of the core support cover so that the arms didn’t fold against them, and then extend the arms slightly so that the rose joints were not right at the very end of the thread. With it all done, it sits pretty nicely but is out about a centimetre or so when the hood is open.

I couldn’t open the door to look at it all properly as it was pouring with rain, so I’ll have to hope for a dry day next weekend and have a measure of it all to check. I have the guide plates and wheels off a 3 series BMW reverse bonnet to put on there to guide the hood in, which should also save my fingers being crushed hopefully!

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