Intercooler Mountings

I needed to come up with a way of holding the intercoolers in place, whilst still letting plenty of air through them. I decided that I’d re-shape the wind deflector panels around the intercoolers to hold them in place on the one side. I’d already bent one into shape, so re-bent it with a lip at the back and test fitted it. I was happy with how it came out, so I made a tunnel for the wing edge to slot into, and made new lips for the top edge to hold it all rigid. Happy with how it all looked, I did the other side and filled in the original mounting holes for the nose.

With that done, I needed to come up with a way of holding the other side in place. I settled on some bits of box section and angle bolted to the core support which should be plenty strong enough. When I actually get around to painting it I’ll put some foam pads on the mounting surfaces to clamp it all in without squishing it. Hard to see in the pic, but it’s held both sides and there is a bracket to hold it up at the bottom too. I guess the only way it could move is upward when i go over a bump, but I’ll put some foam in and see if I need a top bracket.

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